"Leah Jackson is a ray of sunshine in your home. It is so unbelievably helpful having someone so skilled in birth and birth recovery to be there for you during the early weeks after your birth. She is an extremely experienced professional who needs very little direction, but takes all direction well. Things like a glass of water by your side, a pillow behind your back while breastfeeding, or some healthy food to eat are just some of the things Leah intuitively knows to provide throughout the day and are nothing short of luxurious necessities to a new mom. My toddler took to her warmth and kindness instantly and benefited from days filled with imaginative activities, stories, musical instruments, and yoga. Although younger than me, Leah is a wise soul and her happiness is contagious, even during those long tiring sometimes stressful first baby days."

- Amy Gerling (Mother of 2)