A Victorious Home Birth

Leah would be there in an hour. Lying down was not stopping the surges. My mind was not clear and calm as I had planned. I could hear Bryden having trouble booking a hotel for his parents. I told him, you know, we could just go to the hospital and then they can stay here..? Half hoping that we would decide then and there to abort this homebirth business. “No” he said right away and walked off. I had a wave of fear pass over me- a terrifying moment of “what have I gotten myself into? I can’t do this......

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Leah Jackson
When Baby Poops In The Womb

Sasha is a strong woman in many ways. She is honest, hilarious, and full of vitality. I knew we would enjoy our time together so I was happy when Sasha called me and told me she absolutely needed me to be there for her birth. No prenatal classes, just there on the day of to give her the hands-on support she needed. A homebirth, Sasha declared, and so she ordered a blow-up birthing tub from her midwives and got her homebirth equipment ready...

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