The Life Garden is a hidden gem led by two amazing young women who foster a pure energy and a clean environment.”

- Joshua Allen


Create and implement a customized eco-plan to:
Improve health and well-being, reduce stress, improve productivity, and save money.

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For your home:

Your home is a sanctuary for rejuvenation. Eco-consulting for homes helps individuals and families make physical and lifestyle changes to improve well-being.

Eco-plan for home example:

  • Purify air with indoor plants

  • Reduce energy and water usage

  • Learn to ferment vegetables

  • Minimize and organize clutter

  • Grow a herb garden

  • Build a composting system

For your business:

Transform your workplace! Eco-consulting for businesses optimizes productivity and increases vitality for workers through environmental and operational shifts.

Eco-plan for business example :

  • Purify air with indoor plants

  • Reduce waste production and costs

  • Educate staff on health & well-being

  • Increase efficiency with physical movement

  • Introduce meditation and music therapy

  • Optimize furniture arrangements