Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Doula Support


All kinds of families are welcome.



I support hospital births and homebirths.



Over 200 families have used my services.


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I've attended 18 births.


My c-section rate is 20% lower than Toronto hospitals.

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Music therapy is used in all of my services.



Services are based in the Annex, downtown Toronto.


"My birth experience with Leah was amazing. I was dilated 3cm when she arrived and in 1.5 hours I dilated to 9cm! I couldn’t believe how strong and dedicated she is. She has good massage techniques at the right time and to the right points with good coordination. I am very happy that I was referred to her, and I really recommend her service. Call her even if it's last minute, like it was for me!"

- Goksen Solak (First-Time Mom)

"I hired Leah when we found out we were expecting our baby daughter. She came highly recommended. We also did prenatal yoga with Leah and it was wonderful! I loved the ambiance she put together for our sessions - was always so relaxing and amazing!! I have an anxious personality and each time, she managed... to get me to a very relaxing state!!

Well we did have our daughter 2 days ago and I am able to write this already because my body is healing fast. I had an amazing birth but still quite intense and can honestly say that Leah kept me calm, helped me tremendously with the pain management and guided me to trust my body. I am in tears as I am writing this because I physically leaned on Leah while birthing and probably hang on to her too tight, but the care that she gave us is simply priceless. She took pictures too and managed the staff at the hospital so they would respect my birth wishes!! We are home now, all at peace and my baby girl is striving."

- Melanie Rousseau (Second-Time Mom)