VIP & High Profile Clientele

I offer celebrity clients the high-quality and confidential support they need throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. I have worked with clients from California, New York City, London, Paris, Dubai, and more. Support is available locally and internationally on temporary or long-term contracts.

The following are examples of contracts available. Please note your package will be completely customized to you.

VIP Travel/Vacation Package

Holidays have never been as smooth. Hire me to make your travels as relaxing as possible by providing high-quality personal assistance and childcare on-the-go. Part-time or full-time live-in assistance. Duties include care for children, yoga, massage, wellness, and customized personal assistance.

Investments range from $1,200 - $3,000 per week abroad plus travel expenses.

VIP Birth Package

Top-notch, live-in support for 4-6 weeks, locally or internationally. This deluxe package offers the ultimate wellness experience to new parents. I take care of you in your home from 37 or 38 weeks pregnancy until 1-4 weeks postpartum. Includes holistic prenatal care (including yoga, massage, meditation, birth prep, and more), full labour and delivery support, and newborn/postpartum support. Duties and schedules are customized to you.

Investments starting at $12,000.

VIP Postpartum Package

Live your best life with your newborn. I bring peace and deluxe care to you: live-in or live-out, locally or internationally.

Investments vary — contact me for your personalized package.