Wellness Sessions

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Classes are hosted in-studio. Travel fees apply for in-home classes.

Private Classes

Personalized - just for you!
For people of all ages from pregnancy to old age.

1 hour: $90
1.5 hours: $115

Semi-private Classes

Book with a friend.

1 hour: $50/person
1.5 hours: $65/person



“I did prenatal and family yoga [wellness sessions] with Leah in my Toronto condo and it was wonderful. I love the ambiance she put together... my body felt so relaxed! Her services are exceptional and the support she offers helped my whole pregnancy/birthing experience. Thank you Leah for the confidence you've given me to have the best birth experience I can envision.”
- Melanie Rousseau

“I had a prenatal massage [natural induction session] at 38 weeks. The stretches we did and Leah’s guided meditation really helped me connect with my body in preparation for birth. It was so great I’ve booked a second (unless baby arrives first!) thank you Leah!'“
- Melanie Abreu

“The Life Garden studio radiates warm, positive energy and lots of love. There is magic here.”
- Andy Lee

“I credit taking yoga throughout my pregnancy as a key to my two beautiful and natural birth experiences.  I had never taken yoga before, however after my first class I could see how the stretches, breathing, and relaxation techniques would prepare me for labour – and they did!  Leah’s methods can only benefit both pre and post-partum mothers. I really recommend her!”
- Christina C.



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